Monday, May 9, 2011

iTunes Hack - Gift Card Generator v5.1

iTunes Hack - the program that you have all been waiting for and spammed us all around on Facebook and Twitter, has been RE-RELEASED, this time with a nice twist. You must get it to find it. Below you will find all the information needed. Enjoy this release !


Download Links / Mirrors:
(the download statistics below are updated daily)*

Mediafire:                       Download            (6,094 downloads - from this mirror)

Torrent:                           Download            (1,292 downloads - from this mirror)

Rapidshare:                   LINK REMOVED            (2,781 downloads - from this mirror)

Megaupload:                  LINK REMOVED            (1,989 downloads - from this mirror)

Hotfile:                            LINK REMOVED            (1,202 downloads - from this mirror)

Register:                         Registration 1st Mirror       (4,875 downloads - from this mirror)

Register:                         Registration 2nd Mirror      (2,091 downloads - from this mirror)

Youtube Video:                  View                  (43,208 views - old video removed)

* Courtesy of Binaural Developing Corp. for providing us with the customized downloads tracking program.

iTunes Hack is a program made by "US" (the programmers over at 43:hacks) and by using it, you abide to the following Terms of Use and Conditions:

We are not, and/or will not be held responsible for any physical, intellectual or property damage that might come out of this program's intensive usage (iTunes Hack). The "USER" (you) is the sole responsible for the decisions or actions that he took and/or made.


  1. thanks for this, you guys are great !

  2. Yep, can't wait, can't waaaait !! to finish the download, 43:hacks rock (you already astonished me with the xbox live codes - but this one is just... too much :* :X)

  3. awesome mate, it really works as intended. Cheers, and keep coding some more hacks.

  4. omg, i really DO hope it works for me too. be back soon with a status update, until then... KEEP UPT THE GOOD WORK guys ! :P

  5. Yep, my little brother is gonna love this. Gonna give this tool a shot. BRB

  6. This hack is awesome but I'm not sure it's legal

    1. man up if it wasnt legal the wold have caught by now

  7. i need the registry code for it

  8. how do you register

  9. comment faire pour m'enregistrer au début

  10. im gonna give this a shot, i really hope this isn't a scam or something
    if it really does, then thanks in advance

  11. Thanx u very much dude you may live long